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How to Not do Dialogue (tags)

  You wouldn't think it, but writing dialogue can be a tricky thing. Not everyone has the ability to write natural sounding dialogue, not without lots of practice and revision. Dialogue is so important to get right. Not only does it add to the realism of your novel, but to the authenticity of your characters.… Continue reading How to Not do Dialogue (tags)

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10 Quick Writing Tips

When you first start writing, you quickly realise there is a lot to learn. And with so many different variations on writing/revising techniques it can get a little confusing. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to plot my novels, to revise them once their written, and to organise CPs and beta readers-… Continue reading 10 Quick Writing Tips

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The importance of character traits and flaws

One of the difficult parts of writing is creating three dimensional characters your readers can relate to. Now, writers go about this in different ways- some prefer to fill out things like character questionnaires or the Myer Briggs personality test. Others prefer to leave the character a blank slate and fill in gaps as they… Continue reading The importance of character traits and flaws