Nephilim is my current work in progress and the reason I don’t go to bed early enough. I have been working on the novel since 2013. It took me two years to complete the first draft, and I have been revising it ever since.

I am currently revising draft five.



‘It all started when Alison Grace Marshall was attacked by a Shadow with wings. Brought to the mysterious and eccentric Mac, she discovers she is a Nephilim. A half human, half angel hybrid tasked with preventing the leak of Sin into our world.

Aly agrees to help, and begins developing her new found Celestial powers, in both her mortal form, and with the use of her Halo. Her only focus is to learn all she can in order to help protect the world, but there are outside forces who want something more.

An ancient evil begins to rise, moving their pieces onto the playing field, setting up something and no one seems to know what that is. Aly and her new friends find themselves caught up in the game of cat and mouse between the Angels up high and their enemies below, a battle the Nephilim are not supposed to be involved in.

Can Aly and her friends escape the pull that brings them closer to the fray? Or will they find themselves the focus of a battle that shouldn’t be theirs?