You ever feel alone in a crowded room? I have. I'm feeling it right now. It's an almost constant feeling I have within the writing community. That's not to say the writing community isn't a fantastic place to be, it is. (Well, most of the time.) But it's a very difficult road to navigate and… Continue reading


On starting again

In 2015 I finished writing my second novel Nephilim. I was convinced that this was going to be the novel that got me published. Like all writers fresh off that 'the end,' high. Four years and five drafts later, Nephilim is entering it's third minor, and second major rewrite. The cons of a NaNoWriMo novel,… Continue reading On starting again

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Revision Woes, or why the Hell is Revision so Difficult?

Revision seems so simple when you first think about it. Take that awkward sounding sentence and make it not sound awkward. The three times my MC has rolled their eyes in that one scene? Make it one. Need to add some tension? Kill someone. But revision isn't as easy as you first think it is.… Continue reading Revision Woes, or why the Hell is Revision so Difficult?