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10 Quick Writing Tips

When you first start writing, you quickly realise there is a lot to learn. And with so many different variations on writing/revising techniques it can get a little confusing. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to plot my novels, to revise them once their written, and to organise CPs and beta readers- and I’ve been officially writing for 6 years.

If there’s one thing you pick up as a writer, it’s all those little tips and tricks to help you write or revise your novel.

Today I’m going to share my 10 favourite quick tips for writing and revising. These aren’t techniques with lots of steps- these are small ways that I’ve learned to speed up my writing, and make my revising just a little bit easier.

  • If you ever get stuck trying to think of the right word, instead of wasting time trying to look it up, just type ‘elephant,’ and move on. When it comes to revising, search for ‘elephant,’ and find the right word then.
  • Turn off spell check when writing- this will help you ignore the typos as you write, which means you’ll be less likely to go back and change them during your session.
  • If you’re struggling to focus, pick a song and put it on repeat. This will quickly become background noise and help you ignore distractions.
  • Read your work out loud. Dialogue, to make sure it sounds natural. While revising to catch any grammar/sentence structure issues you’ve missed.
  • When revising, change the font and size- this will help you catch any typos you’ve missed.
  • Don’t stop when you get stuck. Stop when you know what’s going to happen next, (make a note!) When you start your next session, you’ll know exactly what you need to write and give yourself an extra push.
  • If you’re stuck trying to figure out a plot issue, talk out loud- to yourself, or to someone else. You’ll quickly figure it out.
  • If you’re struggling with what to write next in a scene, ** and move on.
  • When revising, get rid of THAT. Yes, THAT. But only if the sentence makes sense without it.
  • Can’t get motivated? Tell yourself, ‘just 5 minutes.’ Most of the time, you’ll work for longer without realising.

What about you guys? What quick tips do you have to help you when writing?

Good thoughts and happy writing!


1 thought on “10 Quick Writing Tips”

  1. Great tips, Sarah. I’m currently deleting “that” in my latest WIP. It’s in there so many times 😖. I don’t know what past me was thinking. As you said, it’s stuff we learn as we write.


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