Writing goals 2019

I’ve been on an unannounced hiatus since October, mostly due to late pregnancy symptoms and an unwillingness to do any work. But it’s 2019, I’m back, and I’m ready to work!

It has come to my attention, (not that I didn’t already know this,) that I like to plan. Like, a lot. I plan so much, I’ve gotten into a habit of only planning- no follow through. And that is not helping me write my novel.

If I don’t have a deadline, I don’t get things done

So 2019 is my year to make a change, To focus on the things that will push me towards my goals, instead of just making them. So here, for all to see, (so I actually have some accountability,) are my writing goals for this year.

1. Write a novel

To get over my writers block from 2018, I’m going to be writing a brand new novel this year- details to follow. I work best with multiple projects so I can jump between them should inspiration wane. I’m going to be taking part in the 85k90 challenge this year, as well as NaNo to get it done.

2. Finish revising Nephilim

Draft number 5 was killing me, and my entire writerly motivation so I had to stop. After two major plot revisions, character arc rewrites and entire scene additions, I couldn’t look at it anymore. But it needs to be finished, and finish it I shall.

3. Read 12 books

Yeah, you read right. Just 12. One a month, minimum because I need to read more. I miss it. I used to be able to read a book in a day, back when I had time. And by had time, I mean wasn’t procrastinating. But it’s a good way to get inspired, and to give yourself a break while still learning.

4. Beta

Have people beta my novels, and beta other writers. It’s one of the best ways to hone your own writing skills- critiquing and giving feedback to others. Plus, it will help me read more.

I made a great start in 2018 with my writing goals. But that progress decreased into nothing over the course of the year. And while that wasn’t 100% my fault, I still feel I could have pushed myself more, instead of using events as an excuse not to.

If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done‘ – Bruce Lee

I’ve got a lot of big plans for this year. So no more excuses, and no more procrastination. I start today. Doing my best to achieve my goals and live the best life I can.

So guys, what are your goals for 2019? Let me know in the comments below.

Good thoughts and happy writing!


5 thoughts on “Writing goals 2019”

  1. I love planning too and I totally know what you mean about not following through. Sometimes I think I need to use my planner even more to be productive, but it’s me who’s go to put in the work lol. Good luck with all your writerly 2019 goals!! 😊

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