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How I use my bullet journal for writing

I feel a little hypocritical typing this blog post, because while I have a bullet journal, and set it up monthly, I’ve rarely been using it. (I’d like to take a moment to blame my pregnancy here…)

For those of you who don’t know, a bullet journal is a sort of notebook//planner/diary mash up that you can use in whatever way you like- primarily to keep yourself organised.  Here is a link to break it down if you’re interested.

I discovered it in 2016 and have used one ever since. I use it to set monthly and weekly goals, keep track of my chores, my to do lists, pregnancy related things and even to keep note of the books I want to read (but apparently, never will.)

Now, I’m one of those writers who scribble notes and to do’s on whatever paper I can find- usually in a random page of a random notebook or post it note- which I will inevitably lose. Case in point the 13 pages of story notes I recently found which I completely forgot existed. Today, I’m going to show you how I use my bullet journal for my writing.



Scattered throughout the bullet journal are quotes- usually inspiration/productivity related to help keep me motivated- this is my quote for the year:


Writing goals/schedule

At the beginning of the year, I made some serious goals and deadlines regarding my writing. Now, I haven’t kept up with all of them- pregnancy sort of took precedent- but there are certain objectives I’m still looking to achieve. Whether I can do them this year, or push them back until next year still remains to be seen:


I also use this to keep track of my beta reading schedules, and how long I give myself to make revisions before my next rounds begin. This has kept me on track for the most part- I’m a little behind with beta sessions, but currently have a couple of CP’s reading through Nephilim instead of round 3:


Plot organisation

When i’m having trouble sorting through a plot, I’ll always use post it notes to write down scenes/plot points so I can reorganise as needed. I have a board for Nephilim on my desk, but for other WIP’s in the planning stages, I use my bullet journal to keep plot notes close:


(This is from my 2016 NaNovel A Ryder’s Duty, which I haven’t touched since…)


Novel revision

A big one, which spans several pages and different types of spreads- mostly because I have so many drafts of Nephilim.

This was my very first ‘revision,’ spread for the second draft of Nephilim- where I looked at every scene and highlighted the main focus (main plot, subplot, character development, info dump, antagonist.) From there, I could see how balanced my novel was and make revisions accordingly:



For draft three, after my first round of beta readers gave me their input- the parts of the novel I needed to focus on, especially issues which were brought up often, or things that didn’t make sense:



And a simple tracker I used when revising draft four- on the right, ticking off when the chapter was fully revised. And on the left, all the new scenes I needed to add. Please note, I have actually finished revising draft four, I just didn’t fill out the tracker completely. (And I still need to claim those rewards…)




I also use my bullet journal for miscellaneous writing elements such as:

Character pages:


Writing/character prompts:


Writing schedules:



There are tons of ways to use a bullet journal for all aspects of your life, and in the future I plan to use my bullet journal more frequently in my writing journey (and in general day to day life.)

Do you guys use a bullet journal or any sort of system to help organise your writing? Let me know in the comments below.


Good thoughts and happy writing!






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