Sarah speaks


Good morning all!

I am happy to announce that me and my husband are expecting our fourth child in November. It’s exciting and stressful- much like writing to be honest, and I’m looking forward to the day we welcome the newest addition to our family.



I found out I was pregnant in March, just a couple of weeks before CampNaNoWriMo started. Try as I might to reach my daily word count, the lack of energy kept me from writing more than 5000 words that month. It upset me, because it was the first time since I started in 2015 that I hadn’t won.

I didn’t let it pull me down for long though. The first trimester of pregnancy is Hell.  You’re sick, you’re tired. You don’t want to do anything except do nothing. Despite constantly reminding myself of this, I still felt bad that I wasn’t doing any work towards my revision. But that’s being a writer I guess. We all feel a little guilt when we don’t work, even though we really want to.

I’m back on form for now though, and hopefully it will last. I have some writing goals this year that I’m aiming to achieve- and gosh knows I won’t have time to write come November.

But if there’s one thing I need to remember, it’s that I put myself first over the next 5 months. It can be difficult as a writer. We can get so wrapped up in planning, and writing and deadlines that we forget about the most important part of writing- ourselves.

I’m looking forward to sharing this exciting adventure with you.


Good thoughts and happy writing!




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