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A Year of Writing Tips #11

Sometimes, reading is not enough. Especially if we’ve read it a hundred times already. I know I tend to skim read, and that makes me miss a lot of stuff.

Try reading your writing out loud. It makes you slow down, and understand how your readers are taking in your words. This is expecially helpful for dialogue, to make sure it sounds natural.

Reading out loud can help:

  •  Catch grammar issues
  •  Find typos
  •  See if your sentences are too long
  •  Reduce exposition
  •  Feel the tension in your writing
  •  See if your inner thought cuts off unnaturally
  •  Find repeated words, or action and dialogue tags
  •  Find any jarring sentences


I take notes if I’m reading from my manuscript, or change as I go if I’m on screen. It adds a better depth to my revision. And it’s always fun to find out how the audio book version is going to sound.


Good thoughts and happy writing!





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