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4 ways to brainstorm for when you inevitably get stuck

Lets face it. Writing is hard. We’re all familiar with the ups and downs that come with writing, especially when our creativity seems to have run out.

There are so many ways to break a block, but brainstorming is one of my favourites. You can use brainstorming to:

Produce new ideas.

Increase creative thinking

Work through any problems you might be having


Here are my favourite ways to brainstorm when I need a little push.


Mind map:

Write the central theme or plot point on a piece of paper and then think of everything that associates plot wise with that idea. I’ve given an example below based on one of my WIPs.


The idea is to associate different sub plots or paths of exploration and help you discover new ideas, or where different ideas can link together.


Visual association:

Find a picture that inspires you, and write down all the words you can think of that associate with that picture. Build your idea from those words. This can also help with world building. This also gives you a great excuse to dive into Pinterest.


Word storm:

This is where you write down words that come to mind when you see another word. You can begin with the theme or an aspect of your novel, and then move onto other words that you come up with. You can even time yourself for an extra push. By associating with words, and not ideas you may find you uncover an idea you wouldn’t have originally thought of.


Zero draft:

This is a technique I have just discovered, which is great for putting together the first stages of a new draft- or a re draft. It’s similar to free writing, but a little more focused. What you do is take your theme or main plot point and write down everything you know about it- this can be character, sub plots, settings- whatever you have already conjured in your mind.

Next, write down everything that you need or want to know, but don’t. This way you can get all those thoughts swirling in your head out, before you tackle the next part.


Good thoughts and happy writing!






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