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A Year of Writing Tips #8


You think that when you’ve typed ‘the end,’ that you’ve done all the hark work when it comes to writing a novel.

Unfortunately, it’s not the case.

Revision my friends, is a whole other problem just waiting to pop up. But what do you do when you’ve scrolled through your novel and decided that ‘this paragraph/scene/chapter’ just isn’t working?

Instead of deleting those words forever, cut and paste into a different document all together. They may not work for you now, but you never know what could happen during revisions.

You may just find that the scene you deleted earlier would be perfect in a different draft.

You may scroll through and find that perfect piece of dialogue to add back in.

Writing a sequel? That sub plot you cut from book one would be a perfect addition now.

I’ve had this issue recently, where I’ve added scenes I realised I had previously written in the very first draft of Nephilim in 2013. Back then, I deleted those scenes completely and rewrote the beginning from scratch. Now I wish I had simply put them somewhere else- my original vision is what I need now and I’ll have to work harder to re write those scenes.

Our minds change all the time. And so does our vision, especially when it comes to our own work. By preserving what doesn’t work now, we can be saving what might work in the future.


Good thoughts and happy writing.


1 thought on “A Year of Writing Tips #8”

  1. I find the same! I keep a deleted scenes folder in my Scrivener project, sitting just outside the manuscript, so I don’t lose them. Or if I feel like it’s an entire subplot I’m chopping – I move it to another project so it’s there if I want to come back to it. Happy revising! x


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