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5 tips to turn your idea into a story

I’m sure we’ve all been there. We’re at work, or taking a shower (or doing anything where we have no access to pen or paper,) and we’re suddenly struck with an idea for a story.

Ideas are fantastic. They’re what keep us writers going, like tea or cake. But there are ideas, and then there are stories. You can’t have one without the other.

So how do you turn that little speck of an idea into a full fledged story?



Take your idea and make it grow. Think of words or events that might relate to that idea. You may use all of these, or you may only pick a few. Either way, you have the very beginning.



You can hardcore research, or just skim the surface. But researching elements of your idea can lead to new ideas and plot points.

I came up with the idea for Nephilim when I hopped online to find out what the word ‘Seraphim,’ meant. One thing lead to another, and a story about half humans, half angels was born.


Ask questions

Similar to brainstorming, asking questions forces you to get your creative juices going. You have an idea about a serial killer in a fantasy city. But why is there a serial killer? Why are they doing this? Who is being tasked to finding this serial killer? What is their motivation? And so on.


Free write

Some people have the amazing ability to come up with an idea and just write, without much, or any planning at all. You can do the same to expand on your ideas. Write a brief history based on your idea, or write a scene. See what you can do without giving it much thought. It may give you a stronger base to start.


Add conflict

Conflict is the core of any story. So add some. If a plot idea has sprung, think of something to conflict with that idea.

Kingdom run only by Queens? Add conflict- the Queen gives birth to a boy. The first boy in over 15 generations. Boys are forbidden to rule. With this son, the family line will end.

Adding the conflict gives you breadcrumbs to follow and expand into a story.


How do you turn your ideas into a story


Good thoughts and happy writing.



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