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A Year of Writing Tips #5

Are you having trouble writing that scene?

If you’re struggling to figure out where you need to go next in your novel, or you know the gist but can’t make a start, take five minutes to brainstorm. Just jumping into writing isn’t always the way to go, especially if it’s an essential scene coming up. For those of us who pants instead of plan, writing on the fly isn’t always that easy.

Taking a few minutes to brainstorm the next steps before you write will not only get the creative juices flowing, but also kickstart a longer planning period to help you out in the future. Here is how I brainstorm a scene in the middle of a writing session.

Timeline- what small scenes do you want to see in the scene?

I usually have a vague idea of how the scene fits into my novel. And while I know what I want it to achieve, I struggle to piece it together. So I write a point by point timeline, covering what action I want to see in the scene. That way as I write it, I can refer back so I know what direction I need to go.


Aly stumbles. Ethan helps her.

Keir speaks to angels.

Adiel walks over for status.

Good news.

Tamber group hug.

Bad news.


Good thoughts and happy writing.




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