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Because Pinterest IS writing.

Pinterest is one of my favourite ways of preparing to write, provided I don’t fall down the rabbit hole and never come out.

I’m a visual writer. It helps having pictures and quotes available for me to look through when I’ve got a bit of writer’s block, or need help describing something. I like seeing the scenes play out in my head like a movie and always have visual reference on hand for characters and setting.

I use Pinterest in three different ways:

Story boards *

I have boards for both of my current WIPs- Nephilim and ‘This is not that Story,’ and for characters in general. I always include fashion with my characters because it helps me visual them more. I also pin a lot of storms, magic hands and simple settings to help get in the mood of my story.


Quote boards

This is where I put all the quotes that I really like. It’s a mix of funny, inspirational and motivational quotes and most have something to do with writing. I look at these when I’m feeling low about my work. They soon pick me back up again.


Writing boards

Any writing ‘how to,’ reference I find and like goes here.  Everyone needs a little help sometimes. And because Pinterest is visual, they’re mostly handy worksheets and posters which I prefer when learning. And because it links, Pinterest also helps me discover new blogs to help me even more.


Pinterest has become a valued tool for me when it comes to my writing process. And hopefully one day I’ll start using it to network and communicate with other writers.


Good thoughts and happy writing




*   Contains links to the relevant Pinterest boards. Feel free to check them out.


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