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A Year of Writing Tips #3

Motivation is often a story killer. You’re tired from a long day at school, or work, or looking after kids. The last thing you want to do is glue your face to a computer screen and do even more work, right? That scene you were thinking about all day can wait, you’ll get to it another time when you’re rested and bothered.

But you (I,) shouldn’t think like that. This is what I tend to do if I want to write when my motivation has run away and I can’t find it.


Open your word document, and just read the last few sentences you wrote to get your story fresh in your mind. Then do something else. Make some food, do some cleaning. Something mindless that doesn’t require a lot of attention. Something to move yourself away from the screen- and no, social media doesn’t count. You don’t want to get sucked in.

(I find that I’ll be thinking about my story as I do these tasks.  Mindless tasks let my mind wander, which makes my motivation return. )

After a while, go back to your document and write a few lines. I usually end up writing a hundred words or so, which isn’t great but still progress.

Of course this might not work for everyone- there are people out there who write regardless of motivation or inspiration and I hope to get to this level someday.

But for now, I hope this can help someone get a little motivated, even if it’s just for a moment.

Good thoughts and happy writing!





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