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How to stay inspired when you’re really not feeling it

Inspiration. The lightning that suddenly strikes, giving birth to a fantastic new idea. Maybe you saw a great picture, overheard a conversation or one of your kids asked about a Queen Bee. Or maybe not that last one, although it has happened to me before.

The thing about inspiration, is that it doesn’t like to stick around for very long. Once you start writing, it can run away pretty quickly and it takes a lot of bribery to get it back. This can often show itself as some form of writers block, and is a hurdle that all great writers have had to overcome.

Here are some tips on how to lure your inspiration back, if only for a little bit.


Read your favourite book

We’ve all got one. That one story you can read every day and never get tired of. I know that when I read mine, I’m always itching to work harder on my own writing. Because I know the author has been where I’ve been, and they’ve made it. Their words and their characters inspire me to write something just as good.


Step away

I’m a massive advocate for taking a break when you’re feeling stressed or unmotivated when it comes to writing. Mostly becuase I know, for me, it works. But you don’t have to step away for a couple of weeks. Try doing something, anything else (not related to writing,) for 30 minutes and then go back.



I have created a brand new sub plot, and scene from listening to one song. I still can’t help but imagine the scene in it’s entirety when I listen to it, and it has helped develop my overall plot for my series.

Listening to music while you write can influence your writing, depending on the style and mood of the music itself. Taking the time to just listen to music can serve as great inspiration, especially if you’re stuck.



My 2017 NaNoWriMo novel setting was almost entirely based on inspiration I found on Pinterest. It is a great resource you can easily get sucked into. Taking ten minutes to search through the tags related to your genre can help give you ideas, and inspire you to do more.


Writing community

You can’t write alone. Everyone needs some sort of push now and again, and the writing community is a great place to get it. Whether it’s Twitter, Tumblr, writing blogs and more, the people on these sites are all fantastic, and understand what you’re going through. They will send GIF’s and encouragement to help you through.

They will also give you ideas for a breand new novel you DO NOT have the time to write. Thanks Twitter.


How do you stay inspired when writing your novel?


Good thoughts, and happy writing!




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