Writing group

Midweek Motivation

William Zansser(2)

It all boils down to perfection.

We can’t please everybody.  It’s physically impossible. Every person on the planet has different likes and dislikes.

The same goes for your readers. There will always be those who would walk through fire to read your book, and those who would rather toss it in said fire. (Toasted marshmallows anyone?)

Everyone starts off wanting to write a book for themselves. And published or not, the first person you need to think of when writing and revising, is yourself.

So what someone doesn’t like that particular plot twist, or the Ship you’ve made canon. So what if they don’t think it’s diverse enough, or original enough, or that it didn’t leave them crying in a corner like that last book they read.

Sacrificing everything you love about your story (potentially,) in order to satisfy some extra readers isn’t going to make you happy. You write for you. Let the readers come after.



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