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Why your stuff isn’t rubbish even though you think it is


We’ve all been there. You spend ages writing a page or two of your novel, read it back once you’re done and…


It’s terrible, like a cup of coffee on a sunny day.


But don’t worry. Every writer feels like this at times. We are so critical as a group, of our own work and others that it’s only natural to think that our writing isn’t as good as we think it is.

But it’s just perception.  Chances are, your writing isn’t actually all that bad. But just for a little reassurance, try the following:


Take a break.

Distancing yourself from your writing for one week or even one month will give you a chance to ‘forget’ what you’ve written and give you fresh eyes when you get back to it.

Don’t compare yourself to other writers.

Whether that’s published work or fan fiction that spans over 100k. You are not other writers. There is a difference between your first draft and a published authors completed work. The only person you should compare yourself to is yourself. Read something you wrote a year ago, and compare it to something more recent and you’ll see an improvement.

Get a second opinion.

You might think your writing is bad, but that can happen if you work on something for so long. It will be difficult (very difficult, do it anyway,) but give your writing to someone else. Get their opinion. It may be better than you think.

Keep writing.

Your words are going to start of terrible, but the more you work on it and the more you write, the better your words will be. Practice (doesn’t,) make perfect, but it will make better.


Good thoughts and happy writing.



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