Writing group

Midweek Motivation


remember that even though you may think your writing is bad and your story uninspired, there will always be one person out there who will treasure your story forever.

All writers have that moment. ‘What the Hell am I doing?’

Maybe your words don’t sound as good as you first thought. Maybe you’re getting bored of your story and your characters.

Its the ups and downs of being a writer. Working on the same thing for so long, day in, day out is going to grow tiresome. It’s hard work. But you need to push through.

Take a break. Take a walk. Go and rant on Twitter, or speak to your (writer) friends. Find the inspiration and encouragement that keep the writers going strong.

Your novel tells a story. And somewhere out there is a person just waiting to read it.

All you need to do is keep going, and don’t stop.


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