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How to create story ideas, so you can write, I guess.


Welcome to NaNoWriMo prep month! The second stressful four weeks a year for those participating in NaNoWriMo… if you’re a planner of course.

Pansters, you have it easy.

But, whether your’re a panster, planner or a mix of both it is really important to have some form of idea about what you want your novel to be about. Even if it’s just a genre. Because even the smallest bit of preparation can help kickstart a fantastic November of writing. (And crying.)

Here are some tips for creating an idea, ready for NaNoWriMo.


  • Music- whether it’s instrumental or lyrical, music can help inspire ideas. Listen to the beats, the flow of music. Pick some of your favourite lyrics. What springs to life when you hear them?
  • Pictures- hop onto google, or Pinterest and skim through the pictures of one of your favourite genres, or even a random word. Is there a fantasy scene you really love? A group shot of some teens running across a field, or someone dressed in shorts, tights and welly boots?
  • Writing prompts- this one is a given. Look some up. There are one word prompts, dialogue prompts, situation prompts. Give some a read and see if any give you ideas.
  • Take a walk. Without music, without looking at your phone, and on your own. Sometimes the solitude can help clear your thoughts.
  • Rewrite the scene of a book/movie/tvshow. Can’t stand how a situation in your favourite media was handled? Try retwriting it. Yes it is a little like fanfiction but it’s something that can help your creative juices flow. You never know what you can create.


Don’t get held down by cliches, or that your idea is similar to someone elses. We live in a world where original ideas are few and far between. Truth be told, the basic core of your story is probably out there, somewhere. But what makes your story different is the spin that you put on it to make it your own.

Good thoughts and happy writing!




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