Sarah Speaks


Today marks the first day of PrepTober.

Usually, I don’t do this. I’m a planster. I have my idea, and I sort of plan chapters and I write come November.

But recent events (revising…) have shown me that no, I can’t plants. I have to plan.

And plan I will.

With my NaNovel, I aim to expertly plan out my novel, with a proper synopsis, covering all plot points and sub plots.

I can wing my way through writing easily, but in order to limit the amount of time spent revising, I need to make sure that I stay on course. That my characters are growing. That my plot makes sense.

This week (1-7th) I am going to try four different ways of plotting a novel to see which one works best for me. And I’m going to roll with the one I like the best.

How do you writers plot your novels- if at all?

Good thoughts and happy writing!



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