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Suffering from Writer’s Block? Yeah, me too…

No doubt every writer ever has said ‘I’ve got writers block.’ It’s one of those things we suffer from the most apart from working through a plot kink or figuring out what snack to eat next.

Symptoms include lack of motivation, inspiration and dedication. You may struggle to start a story, or maybe keep going. Everything sounds crap, your characters suck and your creative well has run dry.

For me, Writer’s block only appears when you strive for perfection. Perhaps you can’t think of the perfect word, or the perfect dialogue or the perfect transition. Maybe you’ve read some really good books lately- or even some amazing fanfiction and feel your work can’t live up to them. You’re scared that anything you write won’t be good and that your story ideas are dull, uninspired and riddled with clichés. Your fear and anxiety are preventing you from writing.

Your creativity and ability hasn’t disappeared. Your motivation and inspiration has. You feel your writing isn’t as good as (X, Y, Z) so you’re thinking ‘why bother?’

There is no magic cure for Writer’s Block. There isn’t even an over-the-counter prescription. But although Writer’s Block may be a pain in the ass, I promise you, it’s not permanent. *

So how do you get over Writer’s Block? Is it possible to beat, or do you have to let it run its course?

If you’re feeling a little lost when it comes to writing, try some of the following:

  • Take a walk.
  • Take a break (There’s a little surprise before supper…)
  • Do something else, like chores.
  • Drink some tea.
  • Read a good book, preferably in the genre you’re writing.
  • Find some inspiration; music, pictures, writing prompts, Pinterest
  • Drink some tea.


These aren’t guaranteed to beat Writer’s Block of course. Everyone is different. And there are many different reasons for Writer’s Block to strike.

But the best thing to do is not to force the issue. If you’re not feeling up to writing for whatever reason, then don’t. Give yourself time to breathe and come back to it later.

Good thoughts and happy writing!


*Warning. Writer’s Block may last up to 30 years. Just ask Henry Roth.



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