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Saturday sneak peek


Hey guys,

welcome to Sneak Peek Saturday. Once a month I will post an excerpt of my WIP ‘Nephilim,’ for you to enjoy. Hopefully.


From Chapter One.


      ‘If she’s breathing, can we go?’
The female voice, with the hint of an Asian accent threw her off. The second voice was softer, younger, a Scottish tone ringing out.
‘That was a level Two. It’s really rare they attack mortals.’
‘So she’s been touched, big deal. Let’s go.’
Aly forced her eyes open, blinking rapidly at the light as she raised her head slowly off the ground. She pushed herself up, ignoring the stab of pain at the base of her skull. A young girl stood before her, 13 or 14 with curly red hair tossed over her shoulder and a spattering of freckles across her nose and cheeks. She looked a little unsure, before turning to look behind her. Aly spotted another girl standing a few yards away, with long black hair falling down her back. She looked bored.
‘What was that?’ Aly’s voice cracked and she cleared her voice.
‘It was nothing, don’t worry about it,’ said the Asian girl bluntly. Aly felt a twinge of anger as the girl turned from her and addressed her friend. ‘Let’s go Tamber.’
Aly was trying to find the strength to argue- to demand to know what had happened, when something soft and bright caught her attention.
‘What’s that?’ She pushed herself to her feet, ignoring her body’s protest at the movement. Her gaze lowered to the bracelets both girls wore. She must have hit her head harder than she thought, because they were floating around their wrists, glowing.
The reaction she got proved she wasn’t just seeing things. Tamber glanced back at her companion, confused.
‘She shouldn’t be able to see that should she? Unless-’
A shriek sounded in the distance. Aly pressed herself against the wall again, her heart beating fast as she glanced around. Whatever it was that attacked her had disappeared. She did not want it coming back.
The Asian girl didn’t seem concerned. She brought out her phone, tapping a number quickly before turning away.
‘Are you alright?’ Aly looked at Tamber warily. She didn’t want to admit it, but she was not alright. Her hip hurt like hell, she had a massive headache and she was pretty sure her hair hand gone frizzy.
‘Who are you?’ Aly asked instead, voice trembling.

(I’m sorry for the formatting. I’ll figure it out eventually.)


2 thoughts on “Saturday sneak peek”

  1. I like what you’ve got so far! I’m interested to read more. I feel like this excerpt could’ve been longer. I liked that you started in the middle of the action (or, right after it I guess?), but I really want to know what happened.
    Who attacked Aly? Why? And who are these girls, sent to help her? (Monitor? Or were they just passing through?)
    I’m always curious to see a new spin on the angel business, so keep posting once a month! ✌

    Liked by 1 person

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