Me: destroying my characters’ lives since 2013


FullSizeRenderHi, I’m Sarah, the name behind the craziness. Head on over to ‘Me in a Nutshell,’ to find out more. If you dare.

I’m here to help aspiring authors- such as myself- with the unholy task of writing and revising a book.

We all know that writing a book is no mean feat. I want to help give you the tools to make the process as easy as possible, as well as share some of my own work.

Sprinkle in a little randomness, some tears and a few head bangs (because you can’t be a writer without them,) and you have Igotablankpage.

Hopefully, not for long.

To get started, why not click on that cute little button that says ‘Writing. Like, how?.’ You’ll find the small beginnings of what will be an info dump of words just dying to help you. With prompts, tips, advice (from your truly,) and a little inspiration I’m positive you can find something to tickle your fancy and get those creative juices flowing.

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Good thoughts and happy writing!


(I also Bujo from time to time. Just saying.)